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GT Mfg., Inc. has manufactured our quality Grain Dryers in Clay Center, KS USA since 1953. We have shipped and sold our dryers worldwide since 1962 (currently 83 countries in 6 different continents and expanding). We are known as the worldwide leader in the batch grain dryer field. We sell parts and provide service for dryers that are over 50 years old and many that are still in operation in foreign countries after 40 years.

Whatever your needs, be it an all automatic grain dryer to run continuously for you or if you are just a hobby farmer, we have a grain dryer that can fit your operation. All our grain dryers are easy to install, economic in use and maintain a high resale value.Backed by our limited 2-year warranty and access to our unbeatable service, with a GT dryer you know you will be getting a quality product built with the respect the farming community deserves.

If your operation requires our largest capacity 820 bushel dryer, the fully automatic RAB5000/6000/8000 or the smallest 200 bushel capacity dryer you can be comfortable with the knowledge that it is and will remain this company's mission statement, "When you buy GT, you receive a reasonably priced, exceptional grain dryer that delivers the quality of grain you demand, increases your profit margins by its use and will continue to perform efficiently as long as you farm."

Our success is due to our most valuable assets."OUR EMPLOYEES!" Their Superior Workmanship results in Unparalleled Quality and then by backing it with Unbeatable Service has allowed us to remain a vibrant and vital company in the farming community worldwide.

Dennis M. Pedersen
GT Mfg., Inc.
324 5th Street
Clay Center, KS 67432


PO Box 525
Clay Center, Kansas 67432

Phone: 785-632-2151
Fax: 785-632-3308

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