Recirculating Batch Dryer Model RAB5000 - Also available in RAB6000 and RAB8000 models

Loading Hopper Standard - Hopper tail piece with optional 5' and 10' extensions (optional - foldup hopper). Outlets for Auxiliary Loading & Unloading motors (10 HP Max.) Access Door to Plenum, Vaporizer, Horizontal Unloading Head, Dryer Controls - GT Grain Guard Four Tires, Circulating Auger, Eight Jack Stands, Grain Sampler

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Transport Height 13'6
Diameter of Bin 11' (3.4 m)
Grain Wall Thickness 18
Vertical Auger Diamter 12
Burner Size BTU/hr.
BTU/hr. (Max)
3,500,000 (1025 kw)
Weight, PTO Model 5,600 lbs. (2540 kg)
Recirculating Time 12-15 min.
Loading Auger Size 8
Loading Rate 2000 (50.8 tonne)
Unloading Rate 2000 (50.8 tonne)
Fan Drive Belt
Fan Rating
CFM and Outlet
Static Pressure
16,000 CFM @ 1.5
Overall Width
w/Standard Hopper
Fan Type Centrifugal
Vertical Auger and Agitator 10 hp
Fan 15 hp Three Phase
Loading Auger 5 hp
Unloading Auger
Manufacturer's Notice: Because of efforts to constantly improve our products, all specifications, equipment and prices are subject to change without notice. GT Mfg., Inc., reserves the right to improve models without incorporating changes in similar models produced at an earlier date.

2-Year Limited Warranty
GT warrants each new Dryer for two years. This warranty covers factory workmanship and material, under normal conditions, when the dryer is set up and is used in accordance with factory instructions.

GT will provide a replacement for any covered part found to be defective. Certain parts are not covered, and some restrictions do apply. For full details, see a copy of the limited Warranty available from your dealer.


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